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    I am working in Virtual keyboard.




   I want to change icon image in Virtual keyboard  during run time .Virtual keyboard have  Keyshift.png.

when i click capslock button icon will be changed. now i am adding new shift image but when i click capslock state image icon was not showing .how to implement the icon at runtime

can you please guide me to resolve this.

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Hi Ramesh,

to update the capslock icons you have replace Keyshift.png with your own. The original Keyshift.png contains three frames which are arranged from left to right. The first is used for capslock off, the second for capslock on but only for the next character and the third for permanent capslock on. The last one can be activated by two close timed touches on the capslock button. Make sure that your new Keyshift.png also have those three frames and that each frame has the same width and height. Afterwards make sure that the FrameSize of ExtendedVirtualKeyboard::KeyShift - which is the bitmap ressource of Keyshift.png - reflects the size of your frames.

You can learn more about multi-frame bitmaps at: https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/bitmap-resource-member?v=11.00#2



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