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I have recently purchased a NUCLEO-F413ZH board and I am trying to make a simple GUI using Embedded Wizard. I have so far created the GUI and built the code.

My question is how can I now compile the code for my board? The tutorials describe how to do it for a handful of discovery boards, and provide their build environements, but what about a board that isn't listed?

A step by step guide for what to do would be great!

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It is difficult to provide you a working sample, because the NUCLEO-F413ZH board does not contain a display... Maybe the best starting point is the STM32F407 build environment, that contains a couple of display drivers.

In principle, you need to adapt the different files of the subdirectory /BoardConfig to your controller, pin layout, timings, touch driver, display driver,... 

In any case, it might be helpful for you, to start first with the recommended environment and try to make a porting to your dedicated controller / display solution in a second step.

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