How to make Horizontal List of Digital Displays of Properties update with the property changes

asked Mar 6, 2017 in GUI Development by jrelder

I have a Horizontal List which contains several Digital Displays. 

Each of these displays is tied to a different variable, stored as a Property by uisng the Outlet.

In my code I have a timer which runs an UpdateData slot, which is as follows:

sender; /* the method is called from the sender object */
HorizontalList.InvalidateItems( 0, HorizontalList.NoOfItems - 1 );

So it first calls the retrieve_data function from my driver code, which in turn then calls the UpdateMethod() of the relevant Property.

Then this UpdateMethod changes the Property value and notifies all observers.

Lastly, the HorizontalList is invalidated supposedly calling a refresh of the data, however this doesn't seem to work...

The Digital Displays in the list only update when I scoll the Horizontal List and it reloads the Digital Display.

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answered Mar 6, 2017 by jrelder
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My mistake, I was building the wrong project (I had 2 copies, one was at a stable level the other was the beta that I was editing). It works as it should :)

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