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   when i click textEditor virtual keyboard open with lowercase layoutonly.how to open with uppercase in initial time.


layout value is shiftoff--here how to get shifton value

please help me to resolve this

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Hi Ramesh,
you can adjust this in ExtendedVirtualKeyboard::KeyboardTemplate.postInit as default or you can add a new interface property to set it from external.

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In postinit method i have added but it is not change to lowecase after enter one char.

so,i have added code in Keyboardanimated class.

method  :on MoveEffectfinished

//sender; /* the method is called from the sender object */
signal onMoveEffect;

// Reset the keyboard character layout and the states of the capslock buttons
if ( keyboard != null )
  keyboard.keyboardLayout = ExtendedVirtualKeyboard::CharacterLayout.ShiftOn;
  keyboard.CapsLockLeft.State = ExtendedVirtualKeyboard::CapsLockState.On;


any other way is there.please guide me.

Hi Ramesh,

what you can do to always show the upper character layout after the keyboard was opened is to extend the Open slot at the ExtendedVirtualKeyboard::KeyboardAnimated the following way:

// Ignore if already open
if ( (keyboard != null) && (keyboard.Bounds.origin.y != 0) )
  moveEffect.Value1 = keyboard.Bounds.origin.y;
  moveEffect.Value2 = 0;
  signal moveEffect.StartEffect;

  // Ensure that the upper case characters are opened after opening the keyboard
  keyboard.keyboardLayout = ExtendedVirtualKeyboard::CharacterLayout.ShiftOn;
  keyboard.CapsLockLeft.State = ExtendedVirtualKeyboard::CapsLockState.On;
  keyboard.CapsLockRight.State = ExtendedVirtualKeyboard::CapsLockState.On;

  // Notify that the keyboard will be opened
  signal OnOpen;

Hope this works for you.



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