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I'm just starting out using embedded wizard and don't have much experience with coding. I was wondering if there were any resources that explain the chora coding? I am struggling in particular with assigning a function to a slot, for example, when i click on something using the simple touch event handler i want it to bring up a new dialog/screen. I understand I need to use the "presentDialog" but I don't know how to actually write the line of code or where to put it. Ive tried to follow the coffee machine example but the example appears differently on my system than that on the youtube tutorial. for example when i go in the application window, there isnt an "init" brick under the canvas as there is in the tutorial.

Sorry for the complete beginner question!

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I would recommend you the Quick Tour chapter as starting point. The section 7. Integrate the GUI component within the application demonstrates the usage of slot methods also in conjunction with the Simple Touch handler. It also shows an application case of PresentDialog().

For more details take a look at the chapter Simple Touch Handler itself. Especially see the section Implement Touch Handler slot methods. It contains an example how to implement code which is activated when the user touches within the area of a touch handler. Also see the chapter Slot Method for more details how to create slot methods.

If you are looking for documentation about Chora coding, it is also found in our Knowledge Base. See the chapter Programming language Chora and its subordinated chapters. It is the Chora reference. For learning I would also recommend the chapter Working with Embedded Wizard and its subordinated chapters.

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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