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Hello Embedded Wizard Support:

I am trying to build the following:
I already have operational screen with multiple buttons, widgets, images, etc.
Now i want to add on top of the screen a full screen Simple Touch Handler and 2 lines, which will display the user Touch position.

This is working, however the underlying screen is no longer functional and not reacting to Touch Events.
Is it possible to relay the Simple Touch event manually to the screen?
How do i achieve this?

Thank you!

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Hello bjs,

from your question I assume you want to display a kind of 'mouse cursor' at the touched position. If this is your application case, see the thread Mouse type cursor. It explains how you hook the event processing and update the position of a 'mouse cursor' image.

Best regards

Paul Banach


I was thinking i dont have this, because i never use this Application::Application. but i have it, i will try this, thank you!
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I have enabled all 'Retarget Conditions' and everything is working now.
Was expecting the Retarget Conditions to skip the full screen touch handler, but it does work!

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