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I want to set the special character layout of keyboard for some text editors

and for some text editors i need the shift on layout by default.

How it is possible to restrict some text editors with the special character layout only?

Could you please help me out to solve this issue.

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Hi mvg,

the texteditor triggers opening the keyboard by calling the Open slot inside ExtendedVirtualKeyboard::KeyboardAnimated. You could in this slot check if the 'sender' is of class ExtendedVirtualKeyboard::TextEditor by casting it to this class. If thats the case you could check at this texteditor instance some properties that you have defined to describes the layout which should get opened on opening the keyboard. Dependent of this the keyboard layout can be set.

Hope this gives you a rough overview how this could be solved.


i need this shiftOn property when the caret index is 0 and also after putting space
I guess there are several ways to realize your request. One might be to implement a keyboard behavior which can be set via a property. You can set this from your TextEditor when it get activated. This way each TextEditor can define the way a text is allowed to enter.

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