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As per Master Class Monday #7 GUI Architecture Instruction I created a container component (core group) and BaseScreen component(core group) . Base Screen contains a rectangle with a color black(ff). We created a new screens(Components) Inherited from BaseScreen component.

Now the Issue what we are facing is Once we switch dialog to other screen I can able to view some parts of the previous screen occasionally not at every time.

May I Know what may the cause for this random occurrence.    




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Hi Sakthi,

Normally this should work like a charm :-)

Two things that come to mind:

- You could use the same black background inside the container (to avoid seeing things behind/under the container, if that is the case)

- Transition: What transition are you using?

Can you provide a small example/project (code) to investigate the issue?

Hi Friegel,

Sorry to mention this before Only this issue happens in real time LCD Display not while running in Embedded Wizard Studio Pro.
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if this issue happens only on your target and not within the Prototyper, please provide more information about the target and how the issue is shown. Maybe you can share some images or a short video sequence.

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