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I want to know how I can calculate the rendering time of a, for example, a rotary picture or a scaling picture. I'm working with iMXRT1170 in IAR IDE and need to know how many effects I can add to the project without framerate loss.

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there are many factors that can have an impact to the resulting graphics performance (your hardware, type and speed of memory, RTOS, other system activities, size and type of display, ...) so that there is no fix rendering time that could be provided as calculation base.

Let me recommend to make some test of your desired animations on your hardware.

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So, I should calculate every single parameter related to the flow of data from hardware to GUI? And you say it's not easy to calculate directly, so I had better make a test and scale it to a greater or smaller picture?
It sounds that you have a special use-case in mind - can you share what you want to achieve?

I would recommend to make some proof of concept (e.g. a demo of your use-case) and check on the hardware the resulting performance. Then you can decide if this is fast enough, or look for options of optimization or simplification.
It's like an indicator of a metering machine. two rotary needles rotating around a fixed picture and two texts showing variations of two parameters. several logos showing binary states and it's important to have a smooth movement in needles and texts. my hardware is an iMXRT1170 starter kit board and 1280 in 480 is the working frame in LCD
It seems that this are not so many graphics operations. I assume that this will work very smooth.

Are you using the VGLite version or the PXP version of our iMXRT1170 Build Environment? Which color format?

Can you share the needle image?
thank you very much

I'm using VGLite with 8888 format

give me an email address to send the needle picture
You can send it to our support email address support@embedded-wizard.de

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