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when i am trying to integrate one functionality with Embedded device i got blocked.

could you please help me out to solve this issue.

To fill a string array in UI, I need to call a function from backend which returns a char*

var int32 i=0;
  for( i;i<totalCount;i++)


here mydata is an array of string and get data returns the startin g address from backend.

How i able to retrieve all datas from backend to the array mydata?

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how is your function GeData() implemented? I assume this is a native function where you get some C strings.

Let me recommend to have a look to the section Be careful when exchanging strings. Does this answer your question?

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it is a native function call.

when i am trying to create const XChar* src it is making errors

i am passing an index to this function in backend.

so they are retuning a char*

how can we able to get all the datas

Thanks for the additional information - so the referred section will guide you through the aspects of exchanging strings between native C code and your GUI application.

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