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I’m trying to draw strings in Thai, but I’m having problems with characters that have multiple accents.

For example, I am trying to draw the character:


And the GUI draws the character with the accents overlapping, like this:

I see from a previous forum post (https://ask.embedded-wizard.de/343/why-some-thai-and-burmese-language-osd-were-cut-and-hide) that it is possible to draw characters with multiple accents.

Is there anything that I am missing?

I am running Embedded Wizard v11.00. I have also tried different fonts (Tahoma, Sarabun, Leelawadee, Angasa).


Many thanks

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as you already recognized, the multiple accent characters are drawn over each other - according to their individual metrics. This simple text layout is working and the referred post from May 2017 is only addressing this simple text layout.

However, some languages like Devanagari, Indonesian or Thai requires a complex text layout engine in order to cover all specific aspects of the mentioned languages. A complex text layout engine is currently not included within Embedded Wizard.

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Hi Manfred, thanks for that.

Do you have any recommendations on any add-ons, or any other suggestions on how we could possibly add support for those languages, especially for Thai?

Thanks again

unfortunately, there is so solution at the moment to integrated a complex text layout engine.

Within our next generation of Embedded Wizard (version 12 - which is planned to be released in Q3/22) we have an enhanced Graphics Engine that is able to operate with glyph IDs which is the prerequisite to work with an external text layout engine. By using this version, it will be possible (as a kind of workaround) to integrate an external shaping engine and an external true type font engine to make the proper printing of Thai or Devanagari.

Within one of the future generations of Embedded Wizard (e.g. version 13) we plan to integrate the shaping algorithms for Thai and Devanagari into the Graphics Engine, so that it will be part of Embedded Wizard without the need of an external shaping engine.

If you want to know more details or provide your schedule, please get in contact with us via contact@embedded-wizard.de

Best regards,


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