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Has anyone figured  way to incorporate a small simple weather widget into the GUI?

Would I need to do it using the applet feature?


I'd like something like this:


This is a web based widget with the following code, i'm just not sure how to get something similar on my GUI.


<div id="ww_6c81162d2faa4" v='1.20' loc='auto' a='{"t":"horizontal","lang":"en","ids":[],"cl_bkg":"image","cl_font":"#FFFFFF","cl_cloud":"#FFFFFF","cl_persp":"#81D4FA","cl_sun":"#FFC107","cl_moon":"#FFC107","cl_thund":"#FF5722","sl_sot":"celsius","sl_ics":"one_a","font":"Arial"}'>Weather Data Source: <a href="https://wetterlabs.de/" id="ww_6c81162d2faa4_u" target="_blank">Wetter Labs</a></div><script async src="https://srv2.weatherwidget.org/js/?id=ww_6c81162d2faa4"></script>




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Hello Mwalsh101,

trying to integrate such external widget within the GUI application will be difficult. Especially because it is implemented in HTML/CSS. I would recommend to implement the weather widget directly in Embedded Wizard.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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