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Trying to run MasterDemo example on Rapsberry Pi 4 and get this error: "Floating point exception" after the debug info screen .

This demo used to work before on RPI 4 ...

What can be the problem?

Thank you!

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difficult to say - based on the provided information.

Are you able to build the examples (e.g. Hello World) according to the Getting Started documentation? Are these running on the target?

If you already have executed the MasterDemo successfully, but now you got some exception when you try it again, please make sure that the hardware and the RasPi configuration is still the same. Please make sure that the touch device is working properly. This causes sometimes problems, when there is no touch connected or configured incorrect.

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How can I do that?

This need SSH, but in console the display cannot be intialized.


When I use CLI it output a screen very similar, just date and C compiler version differ. I am refering to example from console output:


Just under the bottom line appear: "Floating point exception" message.

Why it doesn't work with RPi Desktop Version?
For me this is the point. I need something that can run free from Gnome, KDE or something.

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