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While trying to run Embedded Wizard on Raspberry Pi OS Lite, I am facing this problem. Any Leads would be appreciated


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based on the provided information, it is very difficult to give you helpful advices. According to the startup message you are using a display with 1920x1080 pixel - so you are not using the default resolution of 800x480 pixel that is used by the Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Display.

Which target are you using? RasPi 3B? RasPi 4B? RasPi CM4?

Which version of the Raspbian OS are you using?

Are you trying to run the HelloWorld example? You can insert some EwPrint() statements within the function EwProcess() to see at which location the error happens.

Let me know the location, then we can find a proper solution.

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Yes I am not using RPi 7" Touch Display , instead of that I am using 1920x1080 display monitor.

I am using RasPi 4B Model and RasPi OS Lite.

Yes I tried running the Hello World example, it gave me the same problem.

Have you ever tried to let the system generate a core dump and analyse it using gdb as e.g. described here (not verified, but should do the trick)?

No I haven't done that yet, The problem is for the build environment i guess.

I am using HDMI display for RPi 4 instead of Touch Screen. Maybe it is causing the issue?
Can you please share the entire console output when starting the application?

Image 1Image 2


yes here you go


Thanks! Now it should be clear: You do not have attached a touch interface: 'EwBspTouchInit: No touch input device found!'. But it is assumed that a touch input is available (due to the official Pi display). Hence it tries to do the proper scaling of the touch inputs, but due to the fact that the size is 0, it comes probably to the exception. Can you thus please try to uncomment line 309

// noOfTouch = EwBspTouchGetEvents( &touchEvent );

within the file ewmain.c?




Thank you so much!!
I commented out that line and it's working properly now.

But is it necessary to connect only USB touch or we can connect touch on I2C or SPI?

You can use any touch input device that is supported by the RasPi hardware / Raspbian OS.

Check with evtest if your touch input device is working:

sudo apt-get install evtest

Then you should get the touch events printed as soon as you touch the screen. Does this work?

Once the touch device is working, you can use it for the Embedded Wizard GUI application (ewconfig.h / ew_bsp_touch.c).

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Alright. Thankyou so much

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