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Hi dears.

I'm working with i.MXRT1170. I want to show pictures recorded by a camera and show them on the applet. I succeeded to do this by means of OnUpdate.

I copy the Bitmap that I want to show to LCD into the applet bitmap buffer like this

void ExternalCameraScreenUpdate(void* aAddress)
  uint8_t *ptr1;
  uint8_t *ptr2;
  ptr1 = (uint8_t *)aAddress;
  ptr2 = (uint8_t *)get_lcdFrameAddr();
  for (uint16_t i=0;i<631;i++)
    memcpy(ptr1 + (i*736) ,ptr2+(i*720),720);


when I shake the camera I see that picture will be cut. could anyone find the problem?

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based on the provided information it is difficult to give you good advices.

Can you share some more code that shows how you get access to the source and destination of your copy operation?

What do you mean with "picture that is cut" - can you share some photos of that issue?

Maybe the content of your source bitmap (the camera image) is overwritten by the camera while you are doing the copy operation.

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