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     I have cretae small application with localisation.here i have added few  languages.

now i plan remove one languge  but inspector window still it is showing 

how to delete from inspector window .if you solution plase guide me to rsolve this.



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Hello Guru Ramesh,

let's assume you have a constant initialized with values for different languages and you delete one language from the project. Then the value in the constant corresponding to the language is displayed in red color, indicating a problem:

In actual Embedded Wizard versions (<=11)  it is not an issue. During code generation the values associated to the deleted language are ignored. So it is not necessary to delete the value explicitly. Nevertheless, if you want the value to disappear, select the value in the constant (in the above screenshot you would select the row 'English') and press then the key CTRL+R (see also Restore the default or inherited value). The value disappears thereupon:

If you have multiple constants in a unit you want to delete the values, select all constant and then perform the above described procedure to restore the default value. The operation will then affect all selected constants at once.

Does it help you?

Best regards

Paul Banach


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Issue Resolved .Thanks for the update.

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