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Currently our UI is consuming more flash.

So i am trying to optimize the memory consumption.

Setting the attribute ModeOfStringConstants to Compressed ensures that all string constants are stored compressed within the flash memory.

Inside report it is mentioned like it is compressed.

When we looked into the build report it was found that more memory is consumed by the font resource.

Could you please guide me to solve this issue?

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please let us know the Platform Package that you are using and the Build Environment that you are using. The mentioned attribute ModeOfStringConstants is platform dependent and not supported on every platform.

Can you share more details about the flash memory footprint?

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We are actually using NXP.iMX_RT_VGLite.RGBA8888 platform package


Thanks for the additional information. According to the flash usage report, the most flash consuming part are font resources and not string constants.

In case if i.MX RT1170 with VGLite, the font resources are stored always compressed - so the font resources are already stored compact. Fonts are usually stored compressed within the flash memory and loaded dynamically during runtime into the RAM.

The following hints may help to reduce the flash memory usage:

  • Try to avoid too many different fonts and font sizes. Each font resource in your project causes Embedded Wizard to generate an extra set of glyphs. If you need many different font sizes and/or very large character ranges, it might be better to use a Platform Package with an external True Type Font Engine.
  • Reduce the font range to the necessary limit. By using the Excel sheet template for managing your strings, you can extract the used character codes of your strings in order to define the minimum range.
  • If possible, you can try to reduce the font quality. Even if the glyphs are compressed in the code, reducing the quality may help to save flash memory. Unfortunately, this measure can also degrade the display quality of texts.
Yes currently we are using different fonts.

And also using separate font resources for the need of different size, as it was needed for our application.

So the other way we can adopt is the font range.


Thank you for your support

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