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I would like to know is it possible to move an object(image, text) along with a path.

If not, could you advise how to achieve a similar effect?



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Hello Chaunon,

such functionality is unfortunately not available out of the box. Depending on your application case I see following two approaches:

Option 1: If the path consists of straight line segments

Then you can manage multiple Effect object, each object responsible for one animation along a dedicated line segment. Multiple effects can be connected to create a chain of effects. For example in case of the Move and resize effect: Chain several Animation Effects together.

Option 2: If the path consists of arcs, curves

Then use Bezier curves to describe the desired arcs and curves. The Bezier equations are well suitable to calculate the X,Y coordinate from the t value (in range 0..1). In this manner you can calculate the X,Y coordinates at each position of the Bezier curve.

I hope it helps you further

Best regards

Paul Banach

Thank you, Paul.

It does help a lot.



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