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I like clock exapmle. But how can ı change the clock value with application is running? Can you give me some tips ?

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Well, it's difficult to give you some good advice, without understanding the problem...

Which clock example do you mean? Which application is running? Are you working on PC or do you want to run the example on a certain target? Are you looking for some help to access RTC?

Please let us know more details...
Thank you for quick answer.

Embedded -wizard 8.10 /examples/clock example. I work on STM32 discovery board. I run this example on board. Example work is good but clock value start  00 : 00 : 00. I want to set  and change value on application running on board.

If you already managed to get the sample up and running on a STM32 target, then it will be quite easy to get access to the RTC.

I assume that you are using the template project, that you will find within the subdirectory /Examples/Template. Open the file main.c of the template and activate (un-comment) the function call

/* configure realtime clock */

That's all. Then the clock UI application will get the current time directly from the RTC via EwGetTime(). Of course, you have to set the correct time after each reset...

Thank you very much.

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