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Hi, EW Team!

We are developing an EW project that uses Bluetooth communication. I created this project to send API driver data and other communication data to the BL mobile app and to receive orders from the BL mobile app. The OnSet methods have active roles like sending updated data to the BL mobile app, etc. The issue now begins here. At startup, OnSet methods are sending too much data to the BL app, and communication will have congestion and downtime. I need a solution like adding some delay or pause in the OnSet method to prevent a flood effect at startup. Do we have a solution to that topic?

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Additionally, I don't need any specific method like one-by-one configs for OnSets. We already have too many properties. We can apply for all OnSets for the StartUp process for a while from when EW starts.
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Hello burakcebesoy,

Whether you are able to add delay in the GUI application depends on your implementation. The question here: why/how the properties are sending data at the startup time? Is there a method responsible for this? If yes, you can of use Timer object and perform the method in several steps. With each step you send a new set of values.

Or do you send the data when the properties are initialized at the startup time? Then you could assume default values for the properties so if the property is initialized with a value equal to its actual (default) value, no data need to be sent. For this purpose, the OnSet method should compare the new value with the actual value and if the values are equal, return immediately without sending the data.

However, from my point of view, the problem seems to related more to the communication with the BL mobile app and less to the GUI application. Can you adapt the routines responsible for the communication with the BL app to use a kind of buffer? In this manner the rhythm in which the GUI application updates the properties and the communication with the BL application can be decoupled. The GUI application can even update all properties at once. Then you send the updated buffer contents as chunks with small breaks in between if necessary.

Does it help you further?

Best regards

Paul Banach

Our project is going to have the same synchronized displays as the BL mobile app. Your point of view is looking through a reasonable way, but before the BL mobile app comm starts, another comm sends the data to the system which is running EW GUI. Actually, the EW GUI is running perfectly. Real-time updated BL mobile app feeding by EW using the OnSet method is a bridge-logic, such a nice model out of the init startup sequence. The display needs to receive the data from the environment. The receiving process should be finished before the data transmitting starts with the BL app in our case. I will be suspending the transmitter function for the startup process and storing the data in a buffer for the BL app.


Thank you for your supports.

Best regards

Burak Cebesoy

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