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I need an urgent answer to run the GUI without project directory mounting on the PC.So, I mean the GUI will run independently on the target device permanently after the startup of the screen.

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you can copy the binary from the shared folder into a local folder of your RasPi file system - and start the binary as autostart. A very simple way to achieve an autostart of an application is to adapt the /etc/rc.local file as described here.

Does this answer your question?

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Hello Manfred,

Yes, this is my question. Thank you. Just I don't know how to add the local folder to the RasPi file system for Raspberry Pi Os Lite 32 Bit OS. ( I am searching )  If you have a way to do it, I would appreciate that also.

Thank you so much!


You can copy the binary from your share folder directly to your home folder, e.g.

cp /home/pi/share/Application/Project/EmbeddedWizard-RasPi-4B /home/pi

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