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How to change the size of the Pinyin input.

Need to change the position(starting position ,y1)of pinyin layout


Characterpreview class - updateLayout()

super( aSize );

// Stretch text view to the complete width
Text.Bounds.w = aSize.x;
Text.Bounds.h = aSize.y / 2;
Background.Bounds.h = aSize.y / 2;

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Hi mvg,

to change the start position of the pinyin input you can modify the bounds of the Text view within PinyinInput::CharacterPreviewClass.UpdateLayout(). Like

Text.Bounds.x1 = 10; // Set x1 of text view to 10px

In addition you need to ensure that the Background gets adjusted inside OnSetinputText

Background.Bounds.w = Text.Bounds.x1 + Font.GetTextAdvance( convertedInput, 0, -1 );

Hope this helps.

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ok in this case you can modify the rowHeight variable inside PinyinInput::CharacterPreviewPinyinAndKeyboardClass and PinyinInput::PreviewButtonPinyinAndKeyboard. To change the x-offset of the first button to 32px modify inside the composer the x1 of Outline and TouchHandler inside PinyinInput::PreviewButtonPinyinAndKeyboard. To arrange the y.position of the complete preview modify the InputPreviewOffset property inside ExtendedVirtualKeyboard::Keyboard. To increase the height of the pinyin text and its blue background you can directly increase its height inside the composer of PinyinInput::CharacterPreviewPinyinAndKeyboardClass. To vertical center the text set its alignment to Views::TextAlignment[AlignHorzLeft, AlignVertCenter]. To limit the heigth of the blue selection rectangle you could do the following inside PinyinInput::PreviewButtonPinyinAndKeyboard.UpdateViewState():

if ( view != null )
  Selection.Bounds = view.Bounds;
  Selection.Bounds.h = 62;
  Selection.Bounds.origin.y = view.Bounds.origin.y + 8;

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