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I have nearly finished the prototype build for my GUI however I have noticed i am able to interact with widgets on dialogs which are not visible.

I used the following code to open windows from the root menu page.

if ( IsActiveDialog( true ))
  GetRoot().SwitchToDialog( Lights, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, false );


I am able to turn on check boxes etc on dialogs behind the active one. Please can someone advise how to suppress all the widgets/touch handlers on dialogs which are not the topmost one.



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Hello Mwalsh101,

I have noticed i am able to interact with widgets on dialogs which are not visible. 

the explained behavior is possibly if dialogs are used not consequently or dialogs are nested one inside another. As starting point let me refer the section Take a closer look at the Dialog functionality. Especially the part at the end of this section explains that peculiarity.

Summarized: a dialog presented in context of a component A does not suppress other regular components (e.g. widgets or touch handler) existing within the component A from being able to react to user inputs, if these components are not dialogs or they don't belong to another dialog. What can you do?

1. Let's assume: you have a component A containing several components C (e.g. widgets, touch handler). Within this component A you want to present a dialog D. While the dialog D is presented, the components C should not be able to react to user inputs.

2. Ensure, the components C are grouped in a separate component G which itself is presented as dialog within the component A.

3. Now when dialog D is presented the component G acting previously as dialog is suppressed from being able to react to user inputs.

Also possible cause of the behavior is that when presenting dialogs you nest the dialogs one inside another which again ends in the above explained behavior. I don't know your application case, but except sophisticated application cases it is usually sufficient to present the dialogs within the root object only.

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach


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