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Hello EW Team, I am using Eg: SimpleGraph and edited the Random Range to plot negative values. Generally, the quadrants of graph have positive value in upward quadrant but here it's opposite for Y axis. Line goes in upward for negative values of Y axis. Can you suggest something to make it visible like normal graph? Thanks in advance. Vandana Matai

Hello Team, I am using SimpleGraph example. I have edited Random Range to take negative values. As you can see, the plot goes up for negative values. Generally the axis for negative values of Y lies downward. What can I do to make it display like usual axis settings??

Thanks in advance,

Vandana Matai

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Hello Vandana Matai,

the origin of the entire GUI application is the upper left corner (0,0). Thus, the origin of the graph is also in the upper left corner and the X axis is going right and the Y axis is going down.

In order to adapt your graph you have several possibilities - depending on your implementation:

You can adapt your Y values so that they are following the default orientation, or if your graph is based on Component Template 'Graph' you can change the property ScaleY from 1.0 to -1.0 to get all values mirrored on the X-axis.

If you are using your own implementation based on StrokedPath you can use the property FlipY to achieve the same effect.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


Thank you Manfred! Solved the query successfully.

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