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I have to scroll down in a screen that does not have scroll bar. I tried with SendTouchSequence(). But it didn't given scroll effect.

var Test::TouchSequence seq = new Test::TouchSequence;
seq.Add(point(64, 600), 100);
seq.Add(point(64, 834), 100);
seq.Add(point(64, 972), 100);
SendTouchSequence( seq );

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a touchsequence is the right choice for this task, but with your sequence you are scrolling up not down.

The origin of coordinate system is at the top-left corner so you need to start with a high y value to a lower y value in order to scroll down.

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I tried in reverse order. Then also it didn't moved down. and doesn't have any effect

seq.Add(point(64, 972), 100);
seq.Add(point(64, 834), 100);
seq.Add(point(64, 600), 100);
You are starting the touch sequence at x: 64, y:972. This indicates that your gui application has at least a heigth of 972 pixel. Is there actually the position where you would press with your finger to start the touchsequence?
I added some more points and its moving now

seq.Add(<64, 972>, 100);
seq.Add(<64, 834>, 100);
seq.Add(<64, 600>, 100);
seq.Add(<64, 476>, 100);
seq.Add(<64, 352>, 100);
seq.Add(<64, 214>, 100);
seq.Add(<64, 168>, 100);

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