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I am trying to change the font size when a key is pressed through a keyhandler. 

But if the itemclass of the vertical list is created in a different group, how do I change the font size of the vertical list as well?

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Hello sukyeong,
One way to solve your issue can be to store the font within a class variable and reload the list anytime this font is changed. You can assign thi font when loading the list items.



Thanks, I've verified that it works. 
But when I select a list item I was going to put a group Dialog instead of (Views::Text) in ITEMCLASS to make a change. 
Is there any other way to display the selected state when it is set to (Views::Text)?



Hello sukyeon,
As I understand, you want to change the font for marking the focused state. In this case plase take a look on handling component states.
As soon as you asign the focus, the related state handling is autonatically triggered.

I hope this helps,

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