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In Chinese pinyin the clear button action is taking from second click onwards.

enter multiple Chinese characters in text editor from pinyin and try to clear characters from text editor.

from the second click onwards the clear button action works.


Also in number layout here expecting a space key for displaying the entered number into text editor,but in normal android keyboard this

space key is not required for entering numerics into the text editor.

What could be the reason

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Hi mvg,

thanks for the bug report. To fix this, please go inside PinyinInput::TextEditor and copy the following content into the slot onBackspaceKey:

// Only let the pinyin preview handle the backspace key if enabled and preview is visible
if ( PinyinEnabled && CharacterPreview.Enabled )
  TriggerPinyinEvent( '\0', Core::KeyCode.Backspace );

We will put your feature request with the number layout to our backlog and will think about implementing this at a future release.

Best regards,


Also for the i need to enter number into the text editor without entering the space key as in Android keyboard.

In embedded wizard,space key is needed to enter numbers into the text editor

How to solve this issue

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