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In the chinese pinyin keyboard i need to enter number into the text editor without entering the space key as in Android keyboard.

In embedded wizard,space key is needed to enter numbers into the text editor

How to solve this issue

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Hi mvg,

you need to avoid that the text editor is sending the characters to the pinyin engine. This can be done at PinyinInput::TextEditor.onCharacterKey.

For example to exclude numbers from 0 to 9 you can write the following:

var char   ch  = CharacterKeyHandler.CharCode;
var string str = ch;

// Forward the character input to the pinyin input when its enabled but
// exclude numbers
if ( PinyinEnabled && (((int32)ch < (int32)'0') || ((int32)ch > (int32)'9')) )
  TriggerPinyinEvent( ch, Core::KeyCode.CharacterKeys );

Best regards,


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