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Actually, in popup we will be having events and diagnostics right for those events and diagnostics there are some identifiers ex event identifier and component identifier. For those identifiers i created some strings like for which warning level which string should appear. And also based on warning level background image should change. Now i should integrate those strings table in EW.

How should i integrate those strings in EW.

Please provide me solution.


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Hello Manvitha,

Now i should integrate those strings table in EW.

concerning string usage, in Embedded Wizard you can create for each string a constant member. This constant can then be used wherever the string is needed. A constant can also contain multiple localized values which are used automatically depending on the actually selected language (if this is interesting for you see Managing localization).

And also based on warning level background image should change.

Images are represented in Embedded Wizard by bitmap resources. Once bitmap resources are defined within your project you can use them wherever they are needed. To display a bitmap resource you need an image view. To change the background image dynamically, thus you assign other bitmap resource to the respective image view. Since you want to do this in response to some event, following could be a piece of code demonstrating it:

if ( showNormalImage )
  ImageView.Bitmap = YourUnit::NormalBitmapResource;
  ImageView.Bitmap = YourUnit::WarningBitmapResource;

Unfortunately I can't provide you more details since we really don't understand your application case. If you cannot explain your application case better here in the forum, as a customer you can also contact us via support.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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