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Hello Paul,

We are designing an application using EW11, as the title suggests we are trying to instance an array of Component type, initialize its elements by calling the new operator for each of them and then modifing each element properties to fit our UI, problem is that none of the initialized array elements is displayed. What could be a solution to this problem?


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Hello David,

actually you created instances of the GUI components. To get the instances visible, you have to add them additionally to the view tree. See the section Compose the component programmatically. The method Add() makes the job.

A hint: depending on your application case you could eventually avoid the array and manage the instances directly as members of the view tree. The above mentioned chapter explains how you do this. The chapter Enumerate and search views existing within the component explains how the existing views can be accessed.

See also Understand the view tree and the Owner relationships.

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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