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Hi Team,

I need to scroll down to particular position in my application. My application size is 1280x720 pixels.

var Test::TouchSequence seq = new Test::TouchSequence;
seq.Add(<624, 628>, 100);
seq.Add(<624, 450>, 100);
seq.Add(<624, 300>, 100);
seq.Add(<624, 220>, 100);
SendTouchSequence( seq );

If I perform the above code, how it is working?

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Hi Thushar,

you are emulating a touch sequence which scrolls up with this code snippet.

It defines that your finger touches the touchscreen at position x: 624, y:628. After 100ms your finger moves up to position x:624, y: 450. This continues to x: 624, y:220 where your finger gets released.

Does this answer you question?
Hi thank you much for the explanation. Yes this what I am looking. But with 100ms, the scroll misbehaves randomly. When I increased to 500ms, it is working properly.



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