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am using EW pro version, inside of that I opened my project but am unable to get the Inspector and template and browse window
only framework and code editor and log window showing

Please help me to get all back.



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Hello Harshini,

probably you have closed the windows. Have you tried to open them again using the commands from the menu WINDOW as shown below?

If the above commands don't helps and the windows are still not available, the workspace information is corrupted. In such case:

1. Exit Embedded Wizard Studio.

2. Open Windows Registry Editor.

3. In the Registry Editor navigate to following key. Note the right version of Embedded Wizard Studio you are using. In the following screenshot I'm using version 12:

4. Delete the key with the found version (e.g. 12).

5. Start Embedded Wizard Studio again.

I hope one of the above approaches helps you to solve the issue.

Best regards

Paul Banach

Inside of that only (standard)  available
shall I delete that
I try to delete it but not possible and still same no windows are showing
What Embedded Wizard version are you using?
version 11.0

Try following stapes:

1. Exit Embedded Wizard Studio if it is running.

2. Open Windows Registry Editor.

3. Navigate to the key Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\TARA Systems\Embedded Wizard Studio and select there the sub-key 11.00 as shown below:

4. Press DEL key on the keyboard. The Registry will ask your confirmation to delete the sub-key 11.00. A corresponding message box appears. On my German Windows it looks like this:

5. Confirm with Yes.

6. Thereupon the sub-key 11.00 should disappear from the registry.

7. Now start Embedded Wizard again.

I hope it works now.

Best regards

Paul Banach

Thank you Paul..

Issue solved

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