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I plan to use a board that is based on ESP32-s3 but isnt the ESp32-s3 box.  How can I get started with it? Is it OK to use the ESP32-S3-box getting started resources and then change the Display and other configs for it

https://github.com/W00ng/ESP32-S3-RGB-Panel is the board  similar to this one which I also have https://github.com/HASwitchPlate/openHASP/discussions/383

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in principle it is possible to adapt a different display to the ESP32-S3 target and use the prepared Build Environment for ESP32-S3-BOX as foundation. However, due to the fact that ESP32-S3-BOX is using an external display controller via SPI and the board that you are referring us using a parallel RGB interface (?), the adaptation will be not that easy. From Embedded Wizard point of view, the interface is always the framebuffer. 

In principle, the following steps are necessary (assuming you have a display driver for your display up and running on ESP32-S3):

Adapt the file \main\TargetSpecific\ew_bsp_display.c to access your desired display driver.

If your display supports touch events, adapt the file \main\TargetSpecific\ew_bsp_touch.c to access your touch driver.

If your display hardware provides a different screen size than 320x240 pixel, please ensure to adapt the ScreenSize within your Profile and to adapt the framebuffer defines within the file ewconfig.h.

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