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Hello Embedded Wizard Team,

we have received from the customer an Font which can use different glyphs based on the same unicode. With an setting of the Font they can address 2 different glyphs.

Internally it looks like an indirection from 49 to 65555:

In Word this can be achieved with the following setting to address the differnt glyph:

In Figma like the following:


Now to the Question: How this can be addressed in Embedded Wizard? I assume this is supposed to be defined during rasterizing the Font. I hope there is a way to model this.


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Hello Nils,

unfortunately there is no configuration in Embedded Wizard to make similar selection. The unique solution I see would be to extract the desired variant from the original font file and store it as a new font file. But I can't say if and how that could be made. Possibly with a TTF editor?

Best regards

Paul Banach

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