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After changing to version 12, the font appears rotated. 

Is the range specified incorrectly? 

What should I change?

current set korean font range : 0xAC00-0xD7AF


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based on the provided information it is difficult to identify the source of the problems. Generally I see following three possibilities affecting the text orientation:

1. The Text view is configured to rotate the Text. Verify the Text view's property Orientation.

2. You observe the rotation on the target device only and not in the Prototyper. In such case, verify the attribute ScreenOrientation. It controls the rotation of the entire application content how these appear on the LCD in your device.

3. The font you are using contains the glyphs in rotated representation. Embedded Wizard itself does not rotate the glyphs by itself. Verify whether the used font name does eventually start with the @ sign. In Windows fonts starting with @ are optimized for vertical text output containing glyphs rotated by default. In such case ensure to use the right font without the leading @ in its name.

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach


thanks for the explanation

No rotation processing for the above items

So I tried using the example, but this phenomenon occurs, but error number 180
I don't know what could be the cause


Please confirm
It seems that Korean and Chinese are not available


I fixed it by following the error message


thank you

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