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Hi, EW Team:

     In iMXRT1170 MCU, the LCDIFv2 peripheral support multilayer blending. In RT1170 PXP SDK, no hardware blending is used. I'd like to know if EW has any plan to support such feature in future.

     Thank you.


Best regards.


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Hi Stephen,

there are no plans to support several hardware layers for one GUI application. Embedded Wizard makes the entire graphics composition into one hardware layer (one visible framebuffer). Here you can make blending of your GUI components. Of course, we support different framebuffer concepts to achieve the best performance and the best footprint that fits to a dedicated hardware.

Additional hardware layers are typically used in case you want to show separate content from other applications - e.g. if you have a video player running in a separate layer, or a GPS navigation application, ... Then the GUI application covers only a part of the display and the LCDIFv2 takes care to combine the hardware layers.

Btw: Please consider that if you have two hardware layers active, the requested memory bandwidth used for the permanent display update is doubled!

Do you have a special use-case in mind? In which case to you see the necessity to use several hardware layers?

Best regards,


Hi, Manfred:
      You remind me that multilayer  needs  multiple framebuffers. Recently I have met a requirement from customer who requires multilayer implementation for character animatation. Maybe multilayer implemented by software can also fulfill  the Req.


Best regards.


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