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Hello ,

I tried to download a GUI demo with structure of (Getting started with STM MCUs: STM32H750 Discovery) but it didn't run the Embedded wizard on my STM32H750 DK and I have display white on my board.

exactlly have simillar buge when using another way to boot STM32H750-Discovery-BuildEnvironment-V12.00.00.01.zip anoter example.

Can I have another version if it exists for STM32H750.

Thank you.

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it is not clear to me, what you have tried so far (according our Getting Started with STM32H750-Discovery) and where you got some errors.

Did you try to flash and execute the Master Demo?

Have you tried to get a connection with the board via the STM32CubeProgrammer?

If there are any error messages (e.g. via serial connection), let me know....

The current version of the STM32H750-Discovery-BuildEnvironment is very well tested and should also work for your board. Do you have another STM32H750 Discovery board to test?

Best regards,



Hello Manfred,

Thank you for your response !!!

Unfortunately I don't have another STM32H750 Discovery and I can run my code with STM32IDE and TouchGFX on my HW without problem .

I tried all steps  Getting Started with STM32H750-Discovery but I have an error on this line Print( "System halted! [HardFault_Handler]\n" ) when run code with debug STM32IDE.

I have similar error when i followed :

In order to flash the binary file to your target, please follow these steps:

★Connect your development board with your PC via USB (make sure to use the ST-LINK USB connector).

★Execute the batch file FlashMasterDemo.bat: A console window will appear and the flash tool will download the binary file of the Master Demo.

Thank you,


Hello Manfred,

I found my error on STM32 developer and finally i can run Embedded demo.

Thank you many for your support.

Best regards,


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