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wanted to create an Arc Scale instead of using an image. I am unable to find such attribute in the given examples. Refer the Attachment and kindly help.

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if you are not experienced with vector graphic, using the bitmap will probably be much more simple. Nevertheless, if you want the shape to be rasterized at the runtime, there are two possibilities:

Option 1: you create a Path Data object and store in the Path Data object the arc, the line segments, etc. This requires understanding of how the Path Data object is working. In particular how to compose the path of line segments, arcs, bezier curves, ... and how to perform transformations (e.g. rotation of line segments) on this data. I recommend you the chapter Using Graphic objects: Path Data. Once the Path Data is prepared you can display it using the Stroked Path view.

Option 2: You describe the desired shape as SVG string (standardized format to describe a vector graphic shape). Then you can load the SVG string in the Path Data object and display it as explained above. See also Create a path from an SVG string.

Both approaches mention the Stroked Path view to display the Path Data. If your intention is to have a bitmap with the rasterized image (e.g. a bitmap you want to assign to a gauge, etc.) then you don't use the Stroked Path view. Instead use the Stroked Path bitmap. When you connect the bitmap with a Path Data object, the bitmap will automatically be filled with an according to the path information. This bitmap can then be assigned to e.g. a gauge and serve as scale, etc.

I hope it helps you further.

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Paul Banach

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