what to do to open the sample of wave form generator on STM32F469 ?(instead of WIN32)

asked May 20, 2017 in Platform Packages by Manel

I want to open graph on STM32F469,

Want to see the analogic signal of a wav file located on a USB.

What to do ?


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1 Answer

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answered May 21, 2017 by Manfred Schweyer


the Waveform Generator sample is a good starting point, because it demonstrates the usage of the class Charts::Graph. However, this sample uses only calculated simulation data.

In ordert to display real data, you need to implement some device driver and a device class to access some data provider hardware, e.g. to read data from an ADC or a certain waveform from a file.

Let me refer to the article Device Class and Device Driver for this aspect.

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