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I changed the orientation of the screen and it is ok when run on embedded wizard but running on the system workbench the touch event does not respond.

I'm using STM32F769I_DISCO with 800,480 display.

I change the orientation to 480,800, rotation 270.

When i debug the code i put a breakpoint at 

if ( touched == 0 )

CoreRoot__DriveCursorHitting( rootObject, 1, 0, touchPos );

So, i touch the display and stop at this line but the display doesn't make anything.


If i change the orientation or rotation i have to change something in the main??


Thanks in advance


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Maybe interesting for others:

If you change the orientation within your Embedded Wizard project (by changing the attribute ScreenOrientation) it is also necessary to set the corresponding ROTATION flag within your makefile.

Otherwise, the orientation of the generated code will not match with the orientation of the Graphics Engine.

In case of a mismatch, you will get an error message via serial interface within your terminal.

Thank you, i solved the problem, i had modified the  the _ts.c , so i change to the original and it worked ok..

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