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        I currently have a class defined that holds information about a device property. This device property sometimes is a list and can contain a defined set of values. Currently, I have several properties defined (simple data types like integers, strings etc.) within this class. I'd like to meaningfully connect this array of values to this class to show that it's a list data type. I'm unable to create a property array. Is there anyway to accomplish this without having an outside array and looking it up. It's very cumbersome and error-prone to do this. I'd like the array to be encapsulated within this class if possible. If I can store a reference to the array that would be a good solution too, but I tried without success.

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actually Chora dosn't support refereces to arrays. The unique workaround is to maintain the array within an object and store the object in variable, property, etc. In other words:

1. You create a 'data container' class with your array inside.

2. You create an object of the 'data container' class.

3. Having this object you can access the array. The object itself can be passes in method parameters and stored within properties, variables, etc.

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Thank you, that helps!

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