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I had trying the first time to run the embedded wizard with the uvision and I use the STM32f469 Discovery Borad.

I have added the settings from the https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/getting-started-stm32f469-discovery?v=8.20 but if I want to open uvision, I get this massage:

Error instantiating RTE components

Error #545: Required gpdsc file 'C:\Projekte\Emwi_STM32\_MakeBuildEnvironments\BuildEnvironments\STM32\STM32F469-Discovery\Template\GeneratedCode\ewfiles.gpdsc' is missing

but my folder are located int the E:\STM32\STM32F469-Discovery\Template\GeneratedCode

What can I do?

Thanks for answer.



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It could be that the reference to gpdsc file within the uVision project is not up to date and wrong. Can you please open the 'Project.uvprojx' file with a text editor and verify whether the gpdsc description is correct? You'll find the adequate section at the end of the XML file, like this:

    <gpdsc name="..\..\GeneratedCode\ewfiles.gpdsc">
        <targetInfo name="STM32429I-DISCOVERY"/>

Hope this helps!

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