STM32F746 DISCO adc and graph as osciloscope

asked Dec 22, 2017 in Getting started by hellin4

I have a new project as the waveformGenerator example with a simple graph and a coordlist.I want to  provide real

data from the board (adc) to the Graph but i can't find a way to access the CoordList outside the device driver. ADC

settled as pollForConversion mode and i allready managed to comunicate with another project and see the results in a

display with an update method but it seems  impossible to send data thrue itteration from an update method and write

direct to the coordlist. Do i have to make an autoobject like DeviceData and write to it or there is another simpler way?

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answered Dec 23, 2017 by Manfred Schweyer
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yes, the Device Class and Device Driver is also in this case the right approach to get data from the underlying hardware like an ADC.

Each time new data are available, you can convert them into the desired value range and add them to the list of coords. After the graph receives the modified coord list, the graph is redrawn automatically.

The sample application "DeviceIntegration" that you will find within the Build Environment for the STM32F746 Discovery board shows the integration part between GUI application and underlying hardware.

Best regards,


commented Dec 23, 2017 by hellin4
Hi Manfred,

thank you for your quick reply, but maybe i didn't explain my problem well.

Here is my setup

1. Unit Application

Classes within

 a. Class Application (object Panel,Device variable)

 b. Class Panel (Graph, CoordList)

 c. DeviceClass ( updateCoords method, Amplitude property)

I need 960 samples to fill the hall display by itterating a loop or decrement an index for ex. in updateCoords method in simple form

var float x = 48.0;
pure Amplitude = aNewValue;

CoordList.AddCoord( x, (float)Amplitude );// second argument just for indication
x= x-0.05;
Panel.Coordinates = CoordList;// update Graph here
x = 48.0;

The problem as you can see and is not obvious to me as a newcomer to oop is how i can access the cord list that exist in a foreign Class (Panel)

from the Device class. As i can understand in runtime creation of an autoobject is just an instance of the base object so you can interact in reality

with the base object.


commented Oct 19, 2018 by hacke
Hello Paul

Did you find a solution for the problem ??
I am in the same situation

best regards
commented Oct 23, 2018 by hellin4
Hi hacke

Yes i made some progress in the past but

without front end and trigger logic is a nightmare.

The performance is poor but if you want to "see something on the screen"

then maybe i can help you.



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