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Hello there,

i am trying to use the same slot method for my  WipeTouchHandler's onLeft, onRight etc .

So my current Handler is called handleWipe

Inside handleWipe, i can use trace WipeTouchHandler.Direction and the log window will correctly output Left, Right, Up etc depending on how i wipe.

But how can i use WipeTouchHandler.Direction in an if statement and compare?

if(WipeTouchHandler.Direction == "Left")

will give me an error, presumingly because WipeTouchHandler.Direction isn't just a string and tracert is clever enough to know that but the if statement is not.

How to convert WipeTouchHandler.Direction to a string so i can compare it?

Thank you!

PS: The error i am getting for WipeTouchHandler.Direction == "Left" is :
[19.1.2018 13:59:21] Error Application::Application.mySlot (5:8) : Can not cast from type 'Core::Direction' to type 'string' in the assignment. The both types are not compatible. No automatic conversion possible.

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The "correct" output in your log window is not a string, it is the name of the enum of WipeTouchHandler.Direction (Left, Right, Up etc).

Because, the WipeTouchHandler.Direction is not a string, you cannot compare it directly with a string.
Depending your error, WipeTouchHandler.Direction is of type 'Core::Direction'.
So you can compare like this:

if( WipeTouchHandler.Direction == Core::Direction.Left )
 trace "left";

Hope this helps,

Yes that did the trick, thank you..

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