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We have observed a problem with the way EW converts a float to a string.

var float A_FLOAT = 56.59;

If we call string(A_FLOAT, 0, 2) we get 0.00 back.

Note, we observed if we performed a test with If we call string(56.59, 0, 2) we get the correct value, but in this case the EW generated code shows a string constant being passed into the value.

It looks like the EW function is not working correctly, or we are doing something wrong!

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Please let me know the version of Embedded Wizard Studio that you are using and the type and version of the Build Environment that you are using.
We are running verison 8.20 of EW

GCC for ARM is the build environment, verison 4.8.4
Note, we are currently building with debug optimisation, (we can't yet build as release in order to test that, unfortunately)
Can you please update to the latest version (currently 8.30) - because there are some fixes concerning float and FPU?

If the problem still remains (what I do not expect), let us find the root cause. Which target are you using?


Ok, what is involved is upgrading from 8.20 to 8.30. Is it a drop in replacement, is there a upgrade guide? I ask because it was quite a lot of effort upgrading from the last verison to 8.20

We are targetting: STM.STM32.RGBA8888 (STM32F746IG)
The upgrade between 8.10 and 8.20 was not so easy because we changed the structure of the Build Environments for the different STM32 targets.

Since the structure is still the same, the upgrade from 8.20 to 8.30 should be very easy.
Thank you, we will investigate and report back

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