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I have a Vertical List that I want to update on the change of language.

I have the style updating fine in the HandleEvent method but when I try to use the language event in the same way it always returns a null.

var Core::LanguageEvent
langEvent = (Core::LanguageEvent)aEvent;

trace langEvent;

Any ideas?



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I have solved it but not necessarily the correct way.

Previously I was setting the language by:

   language = French; (For example)

But to trigger the HandleEvent and get a good signal to LanguageEvent I have to set the language by:

  GetRoot().Language = French;


Is this bad practice?

Hi Phil.

this is the correct way to trigger explicit the LanguageEvent - otherwise, just assigning the new value to the global build-in variable language will not broadcast the event - as you already found out.

Alternatively, you can implement your own ReInit() constructor within your class and react on the language changes according your needs.

Best regards,


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