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Hi team,

I am using vertical list with slidehandler similar to washing machine example provided by embedded wizard.

i am facing issue in retaning the value every time i enter the screen.

Everytime i enter the screen default value is selected but previous selection value should be displayed in the screen.



Chaitra S G

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Hell Chaitra,

the Vertical List does not retain any state information of the displayed items. As a display mechanism it retains only the few items, which are actually visible. All other information is loaded on request when the list content is scrolled or the list items are explicitly invalidated. Please see also the following documentation: Access list items and views and Select an item within the list and Scroll the list items.

In order to understand the issue can you provide us more details? What do you mean with 'retaining a value every time I enter the screen'? Do you create a new instance of the screen every time or do you hide/show one and the same screen? Which value is meant? Is this the scroll position?

Best regards

Paul Banach

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