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Hi Team,

We have created 4 pages (screens) in our GUI and we are facing issues in jumping back to the main screen from 3rd screen when back button is pressed.

I would like to brief about our story point.

We have 3 Screens.

1. from first screen we jump to the 2nd screen and from 2nd on button press we jump to the 3rd screen.

2. from 3rd screen press back button to come back to 2nd screen.

3. From 3rd screen press Home button to come back to screen 1.

We are able achive point 2 i.e juming from screen 3 to screen 2 on back button but we are facing issues in achiving point 3 i.e juming to 1st screen from 3rd screen.


Any suggestions we could achive this?



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Hello Chaitra,

what kind of issues are you facing? Are you using dialogs to manage the screens? If yes, have you read the section Perform several Dialog transitions simultaneously? It contains an example of a three level menu where the user can exit all menu levels at once.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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