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As of now we are exporting the images from photoshop and importing by creating a bitmap resource inside embedded wizard tool.

We couldn't find any possibility to import the photoshop completely into the embedded wizard tool (i.e. a template of the photoshop contents with positions and other metrics for text and images into the tool) which will simplify our development process for a big set of resource from photoshop.

Any Roadmap in future to have a plugin/script for importing the complete contents of photoshop into our tool itself?

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Preethi S,

Robert Bosch - India

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Helo Preethi,

this feature is not on our roadmap. We have analyzed this possiblity and come to the conclusion, that such features are nice for demonstration purpose, but in the GUI development it is unwieldy. If you have many images you want to add to Embedded Wizard, just select them in Windows File Explorer and drag-drop in Embedded Wizard. See also: Add new bitmap resource.

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Paul Banach

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Hi Preethi,

In addition to Paul's reply, I'd like to comment that Photoshop is not - as far as I have heard from GUI designers - state of the art when it comes to design GUIs. There are newer tools out there like Adobe XD or Sketch which are more suited to support the workflow of UI/UX design. So from our point of view, it also doesn't make much sense to have this plugin or that plugin available which support different tools form from different vendors. We simply focus on a very common and basic interface which is a pure and simple bitmap resource like a PNG file. That's it - nothing more nothing less and very easy to maintain and manage as anyone can have a look at those bitmaps with their desired workflows.

I hope I could shed some lights on this and give you more background information on this topic.

Best regards,

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