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I would like to know what are Embedded Wizard's current options for supporting the Mbed operating system?

I can see that the pre-built libraries for STM boards are built using board specific STM32 Cube drivers or at least have linked requirements for such drivers.


- Is it possible / what would it take to build Embedded Wizard with Mbed as operating system?

 1) Is this possible with the pre-compiled libraries?

 2) If not, how much effort would it require with the Professional lisence provided source code?

       - For example: Would all the touchscreen, display, gpio etc. drivers need to created the same way as in the "TargetSpecific" ew_bsp files?

       - What other requirements are there to get the system running?


I read trough all the information provided in Embedded Wizard website -> Platform Integration -> Main Loop. I was able to get the code using the pre-built libraries compiling by commenting out the parts required for later porting. The task now (as it seems) would be to port all the ew_bsp / device driver functions to work with Mbed which looks like a big hassle so I came here to ask some instructions.

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the dependencies between an Embedded Wizard Platform Package and an operating system are very low - as a result, the adaptation is not very complex and only a few functions have to be adapted.

By default, the FreeRTOS is used - you can search for EW_USE_FREERTOS to find all operating system dependent locations and replace them by other OS API calls, like Mbed OS.

There are no dependencies between the provided libraries and an operating system - so you can make the adaptations with the Free Edition.

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